What is the best Harness for a Dog?

A dog that is always pulling on your leash can make walking a chore instead of pleasure. This task can be made easy by using a harness rather than a collar. There are many type of dog harness out there and we-here will help you find a quality one for your bud.

These harnesses provide dog safety and give you more comfort as it decides to dash off. There are a few best chosen ones with front and back attachment points, well constructed, safe, easy to put on, available in sizes with a great warranty.

Freedom No Pull Harness

The freedom no pull harness is a strap style harness that can handle dogs upto 180 pounds. It can easily handle a major tugger. ($ 30. Available at amazon)

For well trained pets we have found a highly reflective, well crafted LOL.BEAN PERSONALIZED REFLECTIVE PET HARNESS. available at amazon for $40.

Last on our list is a stretchy harness and breathable for small puppies – available down to chest size of 10 inches – PUPPIA SOFT DOG HARNESS($13 available at amazon)

Information quoted from: www.dogstruggles.com

Balance Harness

A well designed, well made, with two nice and large ring arrangements points, adjustable at 6 places. Every single strap adjusts individually enabling the owner to get the perfect size. Nothing to criticize about.


Attractive and perfect, adjustable at four locations, easy to put on, best reviewed for small pups. Pocket for dog’s ID, a write on spot inside chest piece.

The Perfect Fit-The most expensive one but the best one. Available in three different widths- 15 millimetres to 40 millimetres. Fit for a tripod dog. Adjustable at five points. Even prevents chafing in armpits.

Walk In Sync Harness

This well-made harness has two leash attachment points and adjusts in five places for a secure fit.twisting straps, single colour, nylon bands. Not the best one but in budget.


five places to adjust this harness, and four leash attachment points. LIGHTWEIGHT. not bulky, soft straps and beautiful look and fits.


Easy to put in, not for a serious puller but fir  a pretty cooperative large dog this will be perfect. Beautiful looks and comfortable fits.

The list ends here. We will be back with more soon.

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